How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote on our main page. All you have to do is:

  • select the source language (from which you want the translation)
  • select the target language (into which you want the translation)
  • upload the file(s) to be translated
  • provide a name, phone and the email address to which we can send the quote.
  • If the size or number of file(s) is too large please contact our office about the adequate method for sending the files.
  • If the documents contain just a few pages, the translation would be urgent and you have no computer (or fax) on hand, you can take photo of the pages with your mobile phone and send them in MMS or email.

How can I order the translation?

Ordering the translation is easy.

After you have received a quote from us, we will seek your acceptance on the prices and conditions via email. Once accepted, we will send you a link for payment (in full or a deposit) and upon receipt your translation will be processed. We will prepare the translation by the agreed deadline and will inform you in an email when it is ready.

How will I get the translation?

After having received your assignment we forward the original document(s) to our translator(s).
Following the translation, the target text is edited, which means a supervising for completeness and spelling.

The completed translation can be delivered to you in email, by fax, or by courier.

How do I pay?

The translation fee has to be paid in advance or after delivery. In case of larger assignment fee an advance payment of 50% is necessary. The translation fee is payable by wire transfer, credit card or by cash deposit to our bank account. You will find the data required for the transfer in the order confirmation form. You can also choose to pay using the PayPal.

Why to work with us?

  • all our translations and proofreading works are done by certified translators
  • all translations are checked for accuracy, spelling and proper formatting
  • we strictly adhere to agreed deadlines
  • we guarantee professional quality